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Our Portal

Our portal houses all of your remote patient needs under one system. Once logged on you will have immediate access to:

  • Video telehealth to connect you to your patient
  • Medicare Chronic Care Management program for patients with 2 or more chronic conditions
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – providing physician access to patients via medical devices that are provided for the patient for home use.
  • Medicare Annual Wellness Plan – Complete follow-up with patient regarding their annual visit
  • Behavior Health Integration – Bringing the PCP, Care Manager and the Psychiatric Consultant together under one care plan.
  • Billing – providing accurate billing information for all of the above services anchored by audit trails that bring security and reliability.

We invite you to take a “Test Drive” through our portal to see how advanced technology can work to improve patient outcomes for your practice. The powerful tools will bring the most advanced clinical information to your office in the fastest way possible. These tools also invite the patient to participate in improving their health outcomes defining a true value based healthcare model. Setup your consultation with us today and get a complete picture of how our services can bring your practice up to speed with all of the current technology to overcome the effects of COVID-19 and future situations that may keep the physician and patient in a remote relationship.